Is a good hearted, but also a bit of a clumsy flying squirrel. A long time ago, after losing his family to pack of hungry wolves, Julius found his new home amongst the reindeer herd. Julius is Niko´s best friend and has acted as a father figure and mentor for Niko, taking care of the boy through thick and thin. Julius likes a quiet life but he rarely gets it as he often gets dragged into exciting adventures with Niko.


is a streetwise weasel , whom Niko and Julius got to know while saving Santa from Black Wolf´s attack. Wilma befriended them, and joined the family at Home Valley. Wilma is fearless and sometimes a bit of a spirited young lady, who used to work as singer at Santa´s Fell, entertaining the Flying Forces. Aside from being able to move really fast, she also has an outspoken honest nature and says out loud what most everybody would prefer not to talk about.